Which pricing package should I choose?

As a customer of Paytrail, you can choose the most suitable pricing packages for your business:

  • The S-Package is a starter package aimed at startups or small entrepreneurs, where the monthly fee is 14,90€/month + VAT and transaction fees are 0,50€ + 3,25% commission per transaction
  • The M-package is suitable for businesses with larger volumes. The monthly fee is 59€/month + VAT and transaction fees start at 0,50€/per transaction.

You can find detailed information about the price list on our website. Please note that the pricing package also affects the settlement cycle. In the S-Package, weekly settlements are available and in the M-Package, you can choose between weekly or daily settlements. You can change the pricing package once during a 12 month period.  

If you need help choosing a suitable package, please contact our Sales team. We are happy to help!

Phone +358 20 718 1824  (weekdays from 9-16)

Email sales@paytrail.com

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