Jousto - Buy now, Pay later

Jousto allows consumers to option to pay via invoice or through partial payments.  At the end of this article is a link to the Jousto product description to be added to your online store.

  • Paytrail charges for successful payments according to your price package.
  • Jousto appears on the payment page when the purchase amount is between 20-3,000 euros.
  • Jousto invoice always has a 30 day payment period and Jousto sends the invoice to the customer 14 days after the purchase. The payment is paid out to the merchant according to the settlement cycle, and the products/services can be delivered immediately.
  • Refunds to an order paid for using Jousto can be made in Paytrail's Merchant panel. In these cases, the merchant does not return the money directly to the customer, but Jousto credits the invoice to the customer. Paytrail deducts the refund amount and the refund fee (refund fees can be found in our price list) from the merchant account funds.
  • Partial or full refunds can be made free of charge within 45 days of product delivery/receipt. Refunds made after 45 days, Jousto can charge the merchant the invoicing fees related to the order, interest costs (2.42%/month) and the costs incurred from the reminder letter and collection.
  • Every merchant using this payment method must add the product description to their own store.

You can find Jousto marketing material to add to your online store on Jousto's website


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