Card payment disputes

Card system rules are in place to offer consumer protection and reassure cardholders. This means the cardholder, at their discretion, has the right to dispute any charge to the card issuer. Typical reasons why a customer would dispute a charge:

  • Has not received their product(s)/service
  • Has not received a refund 
  • Multiple charges on their card
  • The product/service received does not match the description

Please make sure that all orders are processed in accordance with the terms and conditions. Also refunds should always be made in a timely manner, and to the same payment method used for the original order. Card payments must ALWAYS be refunded to the same card originally used (e.g. via the Merchant panel).

The customer can then make a dispute to the issuer of the card. The dispute process continues from the issuer to the credit card company and then to Paytrail. We will notify the merchant of the dispute. Disputes are always handled in cooperation with the merchant and we do our best to assist in resolving the situation.

If a product/service has not been delivered

If you receive a dispute notification and the order has not yet been shipped:

  • Do not send the order
  • Please inform Paytrail. In practice, this means you accept the dispute. We will send an invoice which will include the amount plus processing fees.
  • NOTE! The payment should not be refunded from the Merchant panel; the payment is refunded by accepting the dispute. Refunding the payment through the Merchant panel may lead to the loss of the payment twice: once from the refund in the Merchant panel and once from the dispute process.

If a product/service has been delivered

If the dispute concerns a charge for an order that has been delivered, delivery confirmation is required. In this case, send the documents requested in the dispute notification to Paytrail. Typically, these are:

  • A copy of the receipt of payment sent to the customer (typically an order confirmation or purchase invoice accompanying the package)
  • Tracking number
  • A copy of the acceptance signature of the customer
  • For electronically delivered products, note information about the delivery (e.g. the email address to which the product was delivered and the time stamp of the shipment)

When delivering a physical product, it is the merchant's responsibility to choose a delivery method that requires the customer's signature confirming receipt of delivery. The confirmation receipt must be requested in accordance with the instructions of international card companies, otherwise the complaint cannot be defended.

If the dispute states the product or service did not meet their expectations or was faulty, we will inform you of the necessary documents, since these can vary by case. Please note, according to the card scheme rules, if a defective product is in need of service or repair, you must request that the defective product is returned to you, not directly to a service company.

Requested documents must be submitted to Paytrail by the date stated in the dispute notification.

If the documents are not sent in time, there is likely to be a chargeback. We will contact you and you will be invoiced the amount and also a chargeback fee.

Chargeback fee

A chargeback fee is a dispute processing fee that is added to the invoice in cases where the payment is recovered through the dispute process.

The chargeback fee is 50,00€.

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