Technical implementation Q&A

What platforms is Paytrail compatible with and where can I get the plugins for them?

Paytrail is available for most e-commerce platforms, see the list and links to plugins

Can we test Paytrail's payment service before signing an agreement?

Yes. Find detailed info in our How can we test the payment service? article.

How do we integrate Paytrail in our platform?

Integrating Paytrail’s payment interface into an online store is generally easy and quick. Provide the following info to your team or technical partner so they can integrate Paytrail's service:  

  • Typically, the integration can be completed within a few working days. Our technical customer service is available to assist as you do the integration:
  • See our integration documentation
  • Once you have finished the integration, you can test payments using test credentials as they work the same as the live credentials.

What features of Paytrail's service should be implemented?

With your team or technical partner, consider which features are most important for your online business. Below are some points to consider:

  • In the implementation, you can partially define what information about the payer and products is sent to Paytrail from the online business. The imported data generally affects the available features, so we recommend sending comprehensive data. See all the possible fields that can be sent with in the payment.  
  • If you want to make refunds via your system and not through Paytrail's Merchant panel, see instructions for creating returns via the interface.
  • You can retrieve settlement data via the interface from Paytrail's system without logging in to the Merchant panel. When retrieving a settlement report with the settlement ID, you must provide the requestType, i.e. what file format the report should be (json or csv), and the Callbackurl where the report is sent once completed.

Is it possible to split a single payment and pay it out to multiple companies or accounts in Paytrail's service?

The Shop-in-Shop service is a marketplace for multiple companies. The admin is responsible for the technical implementation and offers merchants an effortless way to sell.

Paytrail pays out the money directly to the company that sold the products/services. The admin is not responsible for the payments and doesn't need a payment service provider license from the Financial Supervisory Authority. For consumers, the Shop-in-Shop service enables the purchase of products/services from multiple companies with a single payment.

Learn more about the Shop-in-Shop service or send us a message.

How can I create/send a payment link to a customer?

There are two ways to send a payment link in Paytrail's service:

  1. You can send a payment link to the customer from the Merchant panel, see instructions on creating a payment link
  2. Send a payment link using the Paylink service. This allows you to send a  payment link to customers and they can pay using the payment methods active for your account (e.g. online banks or cards). When the customer has paid their Paylink payment, you can send the products to the customer. Paylink has a portal for sending payment links and Paytrail's payment methods can be activated in Paylink. Explore Paylink's service or try their demo

Who can I contact for technical implementation assistance?

Send a message to our technical customer service team:

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