Alisa Yrityslasku

Alisa Yrityslasku is easy and secure payment method for companies. The payment method is suitable for all Finnish companies, regardless of their corporate form. The buyer’s right to purchase is fully verified digitally and the purchase takes only few minutes. Companies can choose a suitable payment period from three different options: 14 days, 30 days, or 60 days.

Good to know about Alisa Yrityslasku

  • Funds online shopping purchases up to 5,000 euros. 

  • Safe and uncomplicated option for companies. No hidden costs and does not require 
the submission of separate documents. 

  • Using of the payment method requires a Finnish social security number and the person making a purchase must have online Finnish bank credentials. 

  • A company can pay with Alisa Yrityslaku by selecting it as a payment method at the online store's checkout. The credit decision and the verification of the right to purchase are done in a few minutes. A company can choose a suitable payment period from the offered options.
    • The buyer’s right to purchase is digitally verified. For this, we recommend that the buyer uses the phone numbers and email addresses provided by the company when making a purchase.
    • The credit decision is based on an overall assessment of solvency. 

  • Alisa Yrityslasku offers 14-60 days interest-free payment period. The invoicing fee, varies 
depending on the selected payment period.

Right to purchase

When a buyer uses Alisa Yrityslasku, the buyer's right to purchase is always checked digitally using several different data sources to verify the person's connection to the company in question.

Management of purchase rights

It is possible for the authorized signer for the company to change the purchase rights of employees by filling out an online form on Alisa Bank's website. The form submission is verified using strong identification and Alisa Bank checks the person's signature rights. The changes will be recorded within three business days. Thereafter, employees who have the right to purchase can use Alisa Yrityslasku as a payment method.

The fees for Alisa Yrityslasku 

  • The business pays the invoicing fee of Alisa Yrityslasku depending on the selected payment period:
    • 14 days 9,90 €
    • 30 days 19,90 €
    • 60 days 29,90 €

Customer service

You can get help from Alisa Yrityslasku customer service in matters related to the invoice and payment for the purchase:


  • 0293 230 910 (Mon-Fri 9-17, 0,1717 € /minute)


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