Klarna Payment System

Note: Adding Klarna payments to our service will require user interface 5 or higher.

Klarna invoicing and installments payment service is integrated into Paytrail, however a separate contract with Klarna is required.

There are no additional fees to offer Klarna within the Paytrail service. Please contact Klarna, for information about pricing.

To activate Klarna payments from Paytrail's Merchant Panel as follows:

1. Log in to the Merchant Panel.
2. Click on the Settings tab.
3. Click on Interface settings.
3. Enter the credentials provided by Klarna (store ID, SharedSecret i.e. the provided password) into the fields indicated.
4. Click Save.

Klarna will directly settle all funds related to payments to you (payments will not move via our service). However, you are able to accept and print, or reject Klarna invoices through Paytrail's Merchant Panel. Other invoicing related matters will need to be handled in Klarna's service.

When you create an invoice in Klarna's system, this information will not be transferred to Paytrail's Merchant Panel. The invoice will stay in Paytrail's system as "Pending Acceptance". The invoice still needs to be accepted either in Paytrail's Merchant Panel, or in Klarna's service.

Note: You can use our dynamic payment method banner on your website to display all the available payment methods you offer. In the Merchant Panel, click on the Tools tab to get the banner.

Here’s an example:

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