What's this payment on my statement to Paytrail?

Matti Mäkelä -

Paytrail is a payment service provider and provides online payment methods to online retailers. If you see Paytrail on your statement, it is because we have handled the payment for the website you purchased from.

Here's some ideas to help jog your memory :)

  • Usually you get an order confirmation when paying for something online, try checking your email for confirmations received around the same date as the payment was made. It wouldn't hurt to check your junk mail to as sometimes these emails can be considered spam.
  • Did you buy any digital products: ebooks, movies, games or music?
  • Did you make any travel arrangements around that time? Reserve a hotel room or a car?
  • Did you buy concert tickets or other type of event tickets?
  • Did you donate to a charity or pay memberships?
  • Have you given your card details to your spouse, or children?

If you still don't know what the payment was for, feel free to send us a message or call us: +358 207 181 830 (weekday 8:00-19:00 UT +2/3)


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