What's Collector invoice and installment service?

Matti Mäkelä -

For Finnish consumers, it's possible to order items and pay later by an invoice. Our partner, Collector, offers this service and it's available to all online retailers using Paytrail's service.

If you don't see this payment method on a website using Paytrail, feel free to contact the website directly and let them know this is a payment method you would like to use. 

How It Works

When you select Collector as the payment method, you're asked to provide your personal identification number and to verify your identity using your online bank credentials. Once this is completed, Collector immediately grants or denies the credit request.
If approved, the order will be completed and your order shipped to you. Collector will send you an invoice for the order amount. You can pay the entire invoice at once or choose to pay in instalments - smaller monthly payments. 

Terms and Conditions in Brief

Credit limit: up to 2000€
Minimum age: 20 yrs.
For invoice:
The payment due date is the last day of the following month. There is a 2,95€ fee the consumer has at least 30 days and up to 60 days interest free time period.
For installments:
  • 36 month period with a minimum due each month.
  • Interest rate of 1.6% per month, which corresponds to 19.20% nominal annual interest rate.
  • 2,95€ account management fee added to each month’s bill.
  • Late payments and unpaid bills will be charged a reminder fee of 5€ and 1.6% monthly interest during the delay.
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