Collector invoice and installment service

Paytrail offers invoice and installment payments through our partner, Collector Bank. No additional contract is needed to offer this payment method within the Paytrail service. 

At the end of this section is a Collector's Invoice / Installment text that should be added to your online store delivery terms.

How It Works

1. On the payment selection page, the consumer clicks on the Collector logo and is redirected to Collector's website. Collector run a credit check on the consumer using the consumer’s personal identification number and the consumer has to identify themselves using their online bank credentials. Once this is completed, the company immediately grants or denies the consumer's requested purchase amount. You can confirm that the payment has been accepted by Collector by checking in the Merchant Panel to see if the payment shows the status "successful". Please note step 5 with instructions order delivery.

2. Collector sends an invoice around the middle of the following month to the consumer. The due date for the invoice is the last day of that month. Collector also handles the installment invoices and any reminder invoices. Collector therefore bears the credit risk if the customer fails to pay the invoice.

3. If the consumer cancels his order, you can make changes to the invoice in the Merchant Panel (i.e. deleting invoice lines or cancel the entire invoice).

4. Orders placed through Collector will be settled to you within 3 business days, whether invoiced or Installment.

5. Collector Bank Ab Fraud Warranty.

Since the consumer's indentity is verified by TUPAS identification, fraud cases are very rare.

The Fraud Warranty applies to all online purchases made through Paytrail using Collector invoice/installment payment method. Collector Bank will bear the financial risk for customer fraud and identity theft, as long as the following requirements have been met:

A) The order value is at least 300 euros(the total amount of the invoice)

1. Shipping is permitted to all addresses in Finland, but only with trackable shipping methods (e.g. Posti Economy, SmartPost, Matkahuolto Lähi-paketti, PostNord MyPack, etc.)

2. Merchants must save and provide the following information upon request:
- Shipping method of the products
- The shipping tracking number
- The serial numbers of electronic devices
- IMEI codes of mobile telephones 

B) The order value is under 300 euros(the total amount of the invoice)
1. If the products ordered have been sent using a shipping method that offers a tracking number, the conditions in section A) shall be applied

2. Shipping is permitted using non-trackable shipping methods, like typical letter post. But without a tracking number, orders should only be shipped to the customer address listed in the Population Register Centre.
If a non-traceable delivery method has been used in the order, merchants must save and provide the following information upon request:
- Shipping method of the products
- Address of the customer where the products were sent
- Date the order was sent
- The serial numbers of electronic devices
- IMEI codes of mobile telephones

The merchant must save the information mentioned in sections A) and B) for 6 months from the date the order was placed and provide this information to Paytrail within 14 days of the request, for Collector Bank to bear the risk of consumer fraud.

To prevent credit losses, Collector Bank also requires that orders shipped be stopped within 3 hours (weekdays from 8-16) of Paytrail’s request, if there is reason to suspect an incident of fraud or identity theft and if stopping the delivery is possible with the chosen shipping method.

If the merchant’s actions and chosen shipping method do not meet the requirements of the fraud insurance, Collector Bank has the right to receive reimbursement for the total cost of the order when able to produce a police report or notice of investigation related to fraud or identity theft.


Fees & Activation

Collector invoice and installment: 0,35€/transaction + 2% commission

Please contact our Customer Service team to activate.


Terms and Conditions for Consumers 

The terms and conditions for the use of Collector must be added to your website so the consumer knows the fees associated with using the Collector's service. The text is provided in Finnish after the brief overview in English.


Credit limit: up to 5000€

Minimum age: 18 yrs.

For invoice:

The payment due date is the last day of the following month. There is a 2,95€ fee the consumer has at least 30 days and up to 60 days interest free time period.

For installments:

36 month period with a minimum due each month.
Interest rate of 1.6% per month, which corresponds to 19.20% nominal annual interest rate.
2,95€ account management fee added to each month’s bill.
Late payments and unpaid bills will be charged a reminder fee of 5€ and 1.6% monthly interest during the delay.

Text to Add to Website

Collector Lasku/Osamaksu
Collector Lasku/Osamaksu -palvelulla voit maksaa ostoksiasi jopa 5000 €:n saakka. 
Collector Laskulle saat korotonta* maksuaikaa aina vähintään 30 päivää ja jopa 60 päivää.
Lasku erääntyy siis maksettavaksi vasta ostopäivää seuraavaan kalenterikuukauden viimeisenä päivänä. (* Maksuaikakorko on 0 %, ensimmäiseen laskuun lisätään 2,95 € laskutuspalkkio)
Voit maksaa laskun koko loppusumman eräpäivänä pois tai halutessasi voit valita 1-36 kk:n osamaksuerät. Osamaksu käynnistyy automaattisesti maksettuasi laskuun merkityn minimi osamaksuerän. Halutessasi voit maksaa myös suurempia osamaksueriä tai maksaa koko loppusumman kerralla pois.  
Osamaksun korko on 1,6 % kuukaudessa, mikä vastaa 19,20 % nimellistä vuosikorkoa. Laskuun lisätään tilinhoitomaksu 2,95 € kuukaudessa, jolloin todellinen vuosikorko laskettuna 1000 €:n ostoksella on 21,3 %.
Valitessasi Collector Lasku/Osamaksun, saat tilaamasi tuotteet aina kotiin ennen niiden maksamista. Tämä tuo joustavuutta sekä turvallisuutta vaihtojen ja palautusten käsittelyyn.
Collector Lasku/Osamaksua voi käyttää henkilö, joka on täyttänyt 18 vuotta ja jolla on moitteettomat luottotiedot. Teemme luottotietojen tarkastuksen tilauksen yhteydessä. Myöhästyneistä maksuista ja maksamattomista laskuista veloitetaan 5 euron muistutusmaksu sekä 1,6 % kuukausikorko viivästyneeltä ajalta.
Saatte täydelliset Collector Lasku/Osamaksun ehdot seuraavista linkeistä:
Tarkemman palvelukuvauksen löydät
Yleiset lasku- ja tililuottoehdot löydät
Vakiomuotoiset Eurooppalaiset kuluttajaluottoehdot löydät
Luotonantajana toimii Collector Bank AB.





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