Test Paytrail's service

You can test our payment service in your web store before signing a contract. Payments to the test merchant credentials will not be processed. Feel free to use the test credentials found below:

Merchant ID (MERCHANT_ID): 13466
Merchant Secret: 6pKF4jkv97zmqBJ3ZL8gUw5DfT2NMQ


When testing, use the following online banking credentials:

ID: 123456
Password: 1234

User ID: 123456
Password: 7890
Keynumber: Any number

Danske Bank
Use your own user ID for testing. Payments will not be charged on your bank account.

Customer number: 12345678
ID code: 9999

User ID: 12345678
ID code: 1234

User ID: System fills it for you
ID code: System fills it for you

Username: 12345678
Password: 9999
Key number: 1234

User ID: 12345678
Password: 123456
Turvaluku: 1234

POP Pankki
User ID: 12345678
Password: 123456
Security code: 1234

User ID: 11111111
Password: 123456
Security code: 123456


For credit cards, the below numbers can be used to test transactions for any amount over 2,00€. Any amount under 2,00€ will produce an error message.


Card number Expiry CVC Type of transaction Error Response code

VISA: 4925000000000004

 Any future date

Any 3 digits

All None OK
MasterCard: 5413000000000000 Any future date Any 3 digits All None OK


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