I got an email from Paytrail about a refund, what do I do?

Kirsti Earl -

You will always get an email when a refund for an online bank payment is created by an online retailer using Paytrail's service. This email is sent to the email address you provided when making your order or the email address you provided to the company when requesting the refund. Included in this email is the name of the store making the refund, the refund amount and the payment reference.

In order for us to make the refund to your account, we need your account number. The account number is stored via an encrypted connection to Paytrail account, where it is secure. Follow the instructions below based on whether you have a Paytrail account or need to create one. 

I already have a Paytrail account:
If you already have a Paytrail account, go to saving/confirming the account number by clicking the ‘I already have a Paytrail account’ button. After logging in to your Paytrail account, you can enter your account number. The account number must be in IBAN format (e.g. FI00 0000 0000 0000 00). If you have previously saved your account number in your Paytrail account, you only have to confirm the previously provided information by clicking ‘Confirm’.

I don’t have a Paytrail account:
If you don’t have a Paytrail account yet, one must be created to receive the refund. Create an account by clicking ‘I don’t have a Paytrail account’ in the email you received. 
Account creation can only be done in Finnish. You will be asked for basic information such as your name (etunimi = first name, sukunimi = last name), address (katuosoite = street, postinumero = postal code, postipaikka = city), email address (sähöpostiosoite) and phone number (puhelinnumero). You also have to create a password for your account (salasana) and check the box to accept the terms of use. Next, click ‘Luo tunnukset ja jatka’ (create credentials and continue).
When the account has been successfully created, you’ll directed to enter your account number.

Providing your account number:
Enter your account number in the IBAN field and click ‘Save’. Note: the account number must be in IBAN format (e.g. FI00 0000 0000 0000 00). 

Using Paytrail account for paying:
Paytrail account can be used to pay for purchases at thousands of online stores. Just enter your card details and start shopping with ease. No more need to enter card details and delivery address over and over again, you only need you Paytrail account credentials!

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