Applying for Paytrail Financing

Apply for Paytrail Financing in four easy steps after logging in to the Merchant panel.

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1. Log in to the Merchant panel and select Paytrail Financing from the menu on the left and click Get funding.


2. In the Company info section, provide and confirm information about your company and you as the applicant. Once finished, click Confirm and proceed.


3. In the Your offer section you can see the amount you have been pre-approved for. You can also personalize the offer by chancing the funding amount to view different financing terms and repayment methods. Each option will have its own fees. Once you decide on the offer, click Choose this offer.



4. Review the agreement. To accept the terms and electronically sign it, click Sign and continue. You will be redirected to authenticate your identity and sign the agreement electronically.



5. After signing the agreement, your financing application will be sent to our partner Liberis for review and approval. Should there be any questions, Liberis will contact you. Once the financing has been approved, there will be a check mark next to Financing will be paid to your account. You should expect to see the funds in your account 24-48 hours after approval. 


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