Payment confirmation email

Depending on the online store, once you have made a payment, you may receive from Paytrail a payment confirmation email. The email provides information about the online store, the total amount of the purchase, the payment ID and online store's contact information. The payment ID is unique to each payment and allows the online store or Paytrail's customer service to find your payment information easily when needed. The payment confirmation email is provided in Finnish, English and Swedish. 

The actual receipt / order confirmation is provided by the online store.

Example of the payment confirmation message:

Please do not reply to this automated email.

You've made a payment of 10,50 € to Demo Yritys Oy / Demokauppa on 04.06.2019. Your payment ID is 100 000 000 001.

Since Demo Yritys Oy / Demokauppa uses Paytrail's payment service, Paytrail will appear on your statement as the recipient of the payment. Paytrail will settle the payment to Demo Yritys Oy / Demokauppa.

Do you have any questions? If you have any questions about your order (e.g. delivery or returns), please contact Demo Yritys Oy / Demokauppa by email

For payment related questions, please contact us.

Kind regards,

Paytrail Customer Service team

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