Activating Paytrail in Shopify

1. Adding Paytrail IDs to your online store

If you have not yet ordered our payment service, please do so here. We will usually contact you within a couple of business days and you will receive the Merchant Panel IDs from us by email. Please remember to mention that you have a Shopify online store. If you have a Finnish business, log in to the Merchant Panel (, the person authorized to sign on behalf of the company "signs" the agreement and verifies their identity using their personal bank IDs. After the identification, the Shopify access token will appear on the screen.

-Log in to your Shopify e-commerce platform.

-Click Settings at the bottom left. Then select Payment providers -> Alternative payment methods -> Paytrail payment methods.

-Enter Merchant ID (Access Merchant ID) and Access token (= Shopify access token, which is 30 characters long) in the Account information.


2. Asking for customer contact information

In order for the customer to be able to successfully complete their payment, the selections shown in the figure below must be made in Shopify's settings (Settings -> Check out):


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