Handling refunds in Shopify

Previously, it was not possible to create refunds to Paytrail’s payment service from Shopify’s dashboard. This caused Shopify’s accounting reports to not be up to date because refunds were not being logged.

With the new Paytrail and Shopify interface, refunds can be created from Shopify's dashboard, and it's no longer necessary to make refunds the Paytrail merchant panel.


Here's how to create refunds in Shopify:

  1. Find the order (use the search box at the top) you want to make a refund to
  2. Click the “refund amount” button in the order information
  3. Enter the desired refund amount in the “refund amount” field
  4. If you wish, you can add a reason for the refund in the “reason for refund” field
  5. When done, press the “Refund” button

Now the refund is logged in Shopify's reports and can be used as accounting material.


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