Editing your Shopify store checkout texts

This makes it easier for customers to navigate in your Shopify store with clearer text choices. Below are instructions for changing the texts in the Shopify checkout page.
  1. Log in to the dashboard of your Shopify store
  2. Go to the “Online Store” tab on the left
  3. Select “Themes” from the menu
  4. Under Themes, select the “Actions” button and then “Edit languages”
  5. In the search field, type the content of the field you want to edit, for example "Pay now"
    1. In the “Title” field, you can edit the title of the text above the payment methods header.
    2. In the “Card security notice” field, you can edit the text above the payment methods.
    3. In the “Offsite gateway redirect hint” field, you can edit the text in the box below the payment method.
    4. In the “Complete purchase button label” field, you can edit the name of the button that will transfer the customer to pay.
  6. Edit the contents of the desired field(s) and save

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