Phishing emails being sent using Paytrail’s name

Over the weekend scammers have been sending phishing emails using Paytrail's name. The emails have been sent in Finnish with the subject line: ”Ilmoitamme sinulle, että sinulla on oikeus saada meiltä hyvitysmaksu, jonka määrä on 321,67 EUR” which translates to: "We're informing you that you are entitled to a 321,67€ refund from us". The message states that the recipient is entitled to receive a refund from Paytrail and the recipient needs to check some information in order to receive the money. It then prompts you to log in from the link. The message also contains the Osuuspankki logo.

If you have received a scam email:

  • Delete the message immediately.
  • Do not click on any links in the message.
  • Do not reply to the message.
  • If responded to the scam email by entering your credit card information or online bank credentials, contact your bank immediately. A police report must also be made.

How to know if a message has been sent by Paytrail?

  • Carefully check the sender's email address. If the sender’s address doesn’t include, if you’re unsure about the situation, or if you’re having trouble figuring out who the sender is, always assume it’s a scam.
  • The language and layout of the scam doesn't appear professional.
  • If you have any doubts about the authenticity of a message, please contact our customer service.
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