New Paytrail: Payment page bypass in Shopify

Payment page bypass in Shopify

Here you will find information about bypassing the payment page in Shopify and how to enable the feature. This guide applies to the new Paytrail.

What does bypassing the payment page mean?

Bypassing the payment page speeds up transactions by removing one intermediate step from the purchase process. Traditionally, after filling in the contact information, the consumer is directed to a separate page to choose the payment method.

If payment page bypass is enabled, the payment method selection page is not displayed. Once the consumer selects their payment method from the online store, they are redirected to the payment method provider to complete the payment.

This makes the payment process easier and faster for the consumer, which improves conversion.

Who can use this feature?

This feature is available to all our merchants using the Shopify platform and is free of charge.

How do I activate the payment page bypass in my Shopify store?

  1. Log in to your Shopify store.
  2. Click the installation link for the payment method you want. You can find installation links for payment methods at the bottom of this page. Note: each payment method must be installed separately.
  3. In the view that opens, accept the installation of the payment method by clicking "Install payment provider":
  4. Click on “Payment providers” from the Shopify control panel and select the payment method you just added from the “Alternative payment methods” list. Enter your merchant ID and merchant certificate and press "Save".


5. It's ready! Repeat steps 2-4 for each payment method you want.
Once you've added all the payment methods you want, you can disable the Paytrail payment service module you previously used. Instructions can be found here.

Other considerations

To bypass the payment page, add only those payment methods that you have activated in the Merchant panel. If you add a payment method that you have not activated, its button will appear, but the consumer will get an error and not be able to pay using it.

To make it easier for your customers to buy in your store, you can edit the texts of the default payment methods in the Shopify checkout page using instructions found here.

Payment method installation links

Here you will find the installation links for the individual payment methods you need as mentioned in step 2.

Online banks

OP: click here!
Nordea: click here!
Danske Bank: click here!
S-Pankki: click here!
Säästöpankki: click here!
Aktia: click here!
POP Pankki: click here!
OmaSP: click here!
Handelsbanken: click here!
Ålandsbanken: click here!

Cards and American Express 

Cards: click here!
American Express*: click here!

*American Express cannot be offered to foreign merchants

Mobile payments

Pivo: click here!
MobilePay: click here!
Siirto: click here!

Invoice and installments

Collector B2C: click here!
Jousto: click here!

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