Updating Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce integration

Due to the acquisition of Checkout by Paytrail, we have released a new Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento 2) add-on.

If your online store uses the Checkout Finland for Magento 2 or OP Payment Service for Magento 2 add-on, you should replace it with the new Paytrail for Adobe Commerce add-on. Development of previous add-ons has been discontinued and will no longer be supported in the future.

The old add-ons operating under Checkout Finland's or OP's brand will still work for the time being, but the add-on must be changed so that the end customer's shopping experience is in line with the current Paytrail brand from start to finish.

Here's how to change the add-on to a new one:

  1. Install the new Paytrail for Adobe Commerce add-on to your store, which can be downloaded from Adobe Marketplace or Github
  2. Configure the settings for the new add-on
  3. In the online store's management panel, go to Stores -> Store Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods -> Checkout Finland
  4. Set the old payment method to Enabled: No, in which case the payment method is hidden from the checkout, but refunds for previously received orders can still be processed normally through the online store's order management panel

Important things to note:

  • The add-on settings are not automatically transferred from the old add-on to the new one, but must be redefined during installation
  • The payment page settings should also be redefined
  • The classes and functions and CSS classes related to the plugin have been renamed, so make sure any store-specific edits work after updating the plugin

If you remove the old add-on from the store, refunds to orders received before the switch of the add-on must be made through the Merchant panel.

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