Switching to the new Paytrail FAQ

What is the new Paytrail?

Paytrail and Checkout Finland merged into one company in the spring of 2021.

Our payment services will also be combined into one entity, the new Paytrail, featuring the best aspects from both Paytrail and Checkout.

When will the transfer to the new Paytrail payment service take place?

We have been transferring existing Paytrail customers to the new service based on their e-commerce platform since autumn 2021. Since then we have been transferring a certain number of customers every month. We will inform all our customers when the transfer to the new Paytrail is approaching. 

How does the transfer to the new Paytrail payment service happen?

The platform you use will affect when you will be transferred the new Paytrail payment service. Using the new Paytrail will require some action from you. We have already sent the majority of merchants detailed instructions regarding the transfer. E-commerce platform specific instructions for switching to the new Paytrail have also been compiled on one page.

Where can I get the credentials for the new Paytrail?

The Merchant ID and Secret key required to use the new Paytrail can be found under Merchant account in the new Merchant panel. You can log in to the new Merchant Panel at merchant.paytrail.com. The instructions for logging in have been sent to your company's contact person, and the username is the email address. If activation link in the email has expired, the password can be rest via the Forgot your password link.

When will the old Paytrail stop working?

We will start closing the old Paytrail in stages starting on 15.09. It is important to switch to the new Paytrail as soon as possible, so that you can use all the benefits and features of the payment service. On 15.09. the dynamic payment method banner and payment methods PayPal, Diners Club and Jousto will be removed. From then on, every month we will close parts of the old service. Notifications will be sent in advance about the features and payment methods prior to their removal.

Will my pricing change when I switch to the new Paytrail?

Pricing for existing Paytrail and Checkout customers will remain the same as they switch to the new Paytrail.

With the new Paytrail, more payment methods will become available, which we will offer to our customers as comprehensively as possible. Payment methods fees are charged according to our current price list.

What are the benefits of the new Paytrail?

The new Paytrail brings with it a comprehensive selection of payment methods, a new Merchant panel and many other new features. The new Paytrail platform enables the development of new features faster than before. Based on customer feedback, we’ve updated features like reporting and payment search functionality to meet our customers' wishes. Please switch to the new Paytrail as soon as possible to ensure uninterrupted use of the payment service.


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