Switching to the new Paytrail FAQ

What is the new Paytrail?

Paytrail and Checkout Finland merged into one company in the spring of 2021.

Our payment services will also be combined into one entity, the new Paytrail, featuring the best aspects from both Paytrail and Checkout:

  • Paytrail's knowledgeable and valued 24/7 customer service
  • Paytrail's high-quality risk management processes
  • Checkout’s comprehensive range of payment methods
  • Checkout's flexible and modern technical platform

When will the transfer to the new Paytrail payment service take place?

We will be transferring existing Paytrail customers to the new service based on their e-commerce platform in autumn 2021. Thereafter, we will transfer a certain number of customers every month. For some, the transfer won’t happen until after the new year. We will inform all our customers when the transfer to the new Paytrail is approaching. Until then, the existing payment service will continue to be available to you.

How does the transfer to the new Paytrail payment service happen?

The platform you use will affect when you will be transferred the new Paytrail payment service. Using the new Paytrail will require some action from you. You will receive detailed instructions by email later.

Can I switch to the new Paytrail right away?

Existing Paytrail customers will be migrated to the new Paytrail in autumn 2021. Then the plan is to always transfer a set number of customers monthly. The migration process will be platform based. All our customers will be informed in advance when their transfer is scheduled. Until then, you can continue to use the existing service as usual.

To avoid excessive congestion of our customer service, we hope customers will transfer according to the platform-specific order.

Will my pricing change when I switch to the new Paytrail?

Pricing for existing Paytrail and Checkout customers will remain the same as they switch to the new Paytrail.

With the new Paytrail, more payment methods will become available, which we will offer to our customers as comprehensively as possible. Payment methods fees are charged according to our current price list.

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