Instructions for switching to the new Paytrail, Paylink

Paylink has made the transition to the new Paytrail very easy for its customers.

  1. Log in to Paylink's dashboard
  2. Go to Settings > Paytrail credentials (in Finnish Asetukset > Paytrail tunnukset)
  3. Click New interface (Paytrail Payment API) from the Interface versions (in Finnish Rajapinnan versio > Uusi rajapinta (Paytrail payment API))
  4. Enter your new Paytrail Merchant ID and Merchant secret (in Finnish Kauppiastunnus ja Kauppiasvarmenne)
    • Credentials can be found in the new Merchant panel under Merchant account
    • Instructions for logging in to the new Merchant Panel are provided by Paytrail
  5. Click Tallenna to save

Detailed instructions for using Paylink can be found here.


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