Technical implementation

How do we implement the new Paytrail?

We will provide all Paytrail customers with instructions regarding the transfer and how to use the new Paytrail. We will also add to our support pages platform specific guidelines, as they are completed in collaboration with platform partners.

Currently the new Paytrail integration is not available for our platform. How can we start using the new service?

If an implementation for the new Paytrail is not yet available on the e-commerce platform you are using, you can continue to use the existing Paytrail for now. We are working with platform providers to make the service available on platforms where the implementation has not yet been done. We will announce when the new Paytrail is also available on these platforms. You can also inquire about the implementation schedule and progress from your platform provider.

We integrated Paytrail ourselves to our online store. How do we implement the new Paytrail?

If you have integrated Paytrail’s service to your online store, a new integration will be required. The technical documentation for the new Paytrail will be officially released during September 2021. We will contact you when the documentation is ready and provide instructions for implementing the integration.

Paytrail's current interface will be decommissioned during summer, 2022.

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