New Paytrail - payment methods and features

What are the payment methods in the new Paytrail?

Payment method existing Paytrail new Paytrail
All Finnish banks x x
Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) x x
MobilePay x x
Siirto x x
Pivo   x
Apple Pay   x
Collector x x
Jousto x x
OP Lasku (invoice)   x


 Will new payment methods automatically be available to us?

All payment methods used in the existing Paytrail service will also be activated for you when transferring to the new Paytrail service. With the new Paytrail, additional payment methods will be available. We want to offer these new payment methods to our customers as comprehensively as possible. Once the transfer is complete, you can verify the payment methods available to you and edit your payment options in the Merchant Panel. Please note that the products/services sold, and the technical implementation of your online store may affect the range of payment methods available to you.

What are the other new features in the new Paytrail?

In addition to new payment methods, the new Paytrail offers other new features to existing Paytrail customers. Below are the features and brief descriptions of them. 

Feature New Paytrail
Multi-user levels in the Merchant Panel x
Advanced refund processes x
Uploading funds to make refunds x
Settlement reports via email x
Card info saved when paying* x
Recurring card payments* x
Versatile sales channel/Shop in Shop* x

* This feature requires technical changes to your e-commerce platform.

Multi-user levels in the Merchant Panel

In the new Merchant Panel, it is possible to add multiple user accounts and the administrator can assign the accounts different roles with specific rights within the Merchant Panel.

Advanced refund processed and uploading funds for refunds

Refunding payments is possible from the new Merchant Panel. Refunds will be deducted from the merchant's account funds. In the Merchant Panel, it is also possible to transfer additional funds for refunds as needed. This enables refunds to be processed and returned to the customer as quickly as possible.

Settlement reports via email

In the new Paytrail, settlement reports can be emailed to your desired email address.

Card data saved when paying and recurring card payments*

With the new Paytrail, it is possible to save the payer's credit card info for later use by tokenization. Tokenization is a secure and reliable way to store data and allows for convenient one-click and recurring payments. Implementing these features requires development work in your online store.

Versatile sales channel/Shop in Shop*

Shop-in-shop is marketplace for multiple merchants. The channel owner is responsible for the technical implementation and offers merchants an effortless way to sell. Paytrail settles the money directly to the merchant that sold the products/services. The channel owner is not responsible for the transaction and does not need a payment service license with the Financial Supervision Authority. For consumers, shop-in-shops make it possible to buy products/services from several merchants with a single payment.

Who is shop-in-shop suitable for?

  • A merchant who wants to offer others the opportunity to sell their products/services in their store 
  • For an organization that wants to direct revenue directly to an internal recipient. For example:
    • A company with subsidiaries
    • Sports clubs
    • Societies
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