Walley – fraud policy guidelines

Walley / Collector Bank Ab offers a feature called fraud policy. This applies to all online purchases made through Paytrail using Walley invoice/installment payment method. Collector Bank will bear the financial risk for customer fraud and identity theft, as long as the following requirements have been met:

A) The order value is at least 300 euros (the total amount of the invoice)

  1. Shipping is permitted to all addresses in Finland, but only with trackable shipping methods (e.g. Posti Economy, SmartPost, Matkahuolto Lähi-paketti, PostNord MyPack, etc.)
  2. Merchants must save and provide the following information upon request:
    - Shipping method of the products
    - The shipping tracking number
    - The serial numbers of electronic devices
    - IMEI codes of mobile telephones

B) The order value is under 300 euros (the total amount of the invoice)

  1. If the products ordered have been sent using a shipping method that offers a tracking number, the conditions in section A) shall be applied
  2. Shipping is permitted using non-trackable shipping methods, like typical letter post. But without a tracking number, orders should only be shipped to the customer address listed in the Population Register Centre.
  3. If a non-traceable delivery method has been used in the order, merchants must save and provide the following information upon request:
    - Shipping method of the products
    - Address of the customer where the products were sent
    - Date the order was sent
    - The serial numbers of electronic devices
    - IMEI codes of mobile telephones

The merchant must save the information mentioned in sections A) and B) for 6 months from the date the order was placed and provide this information to Paytrail within 14 days of the request, for Collector Bank to bear the risk of consumer fraud.

To prevent credit losses, Collector Bank also requires that orders shipped be stopped within 3 hours (weekdays from 8-16) of Paytrail’s request, if there is reason to suspect an incident of fraud or identity theft and if stopping the delivery is possible with the chosen shipping method.

If the merchant’s actions and chosen shipping method do not meet the requirements of the fraud insurance, Collector Bank has the right to receive reimbursement for the total cost of the order when able to produce a police report or notice of investigation related to fraud or identity theft.

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