Sales Rescue

NOTE! Sales Rescue is currently only available on the old Paytrail. If you have a new Paytrail and are interested in the Sales rescue feature, please check with your e-commerce provider to make it available.

Using the Sales Rescue feature, Paytrail is able to rescue interrupted payments. Your customers receives an email through which they can complete their order. 

Q: Who are messages sent to?
A: Any of your customers who didn't complete their payment.

Q: Does the rescued payment show up as a new order?
A: No, the original order status will change to paid in the Merchant’s Panel. A notify email will be sent to the web shop.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Normal transaction fee of 0,35€ + 2% commission from the order amount.

Q: What if the payment is paid later in a different order?
A: The system detects that it is the same order and does not send a new message to the customer.

Q: How can I use this feature?
A: Just contact Customer Service and they can activate it for you.

Q: What interfaces does it work with?
A: 5, 5.1, E1 and E2

Q: Are there any technical changes needed for this feature to work in my web shop?
A: No none are needed. 

For more information on the feature, click here.

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