Paytrail Services Basics

Here you’ll find a short description of our service, as well as our pricing and the contents of the service we offer. You can try our services for free with demo merchant credentials. You can register your store even before buying our service, and it can be activated upon the launch of your store.

We offer the following payment methods: ePayments with the Finnish banks, credit/debit cards processed by Nets Oy as well as invoice and installments offered by our partners. Our services are being developed constantly to offer better service and variety to both merchants and the end-consumer.

You can choose to have us settle payments either daily or weekly to the your preferred bank account. With ePayments the settlement delay is 2 bank days, with credit payments the delay is 5 bank days.

Our payment system has already been integrated to most of the most used web store software. Should you use custom software of your own, our service can easily be integrated via the Paytrail Interface.


Test credentials:

Pricing & Content

- Monthly fee 59 € + VAT 24%
- Finnish bank ePayments transaction fee of 0,40€ per successful payment
- Credit card payments (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Eurocard) 0,40€ transaction fee + 2% commission per successful payment and (American Express) 0,40€ + 3% commission*

- MobilePay 0,40€ transaction fee + 2% commission per successful payment 
- Joustoraha invoice & installment payments 0,40€  transaction fee per successful payment
- Collector Bank invoice & installment payments 0,40€ transaction fee + 2% commission per successful payment
- Paypal - fees depend on your respective contract, however payments can be processed through us via our interface for 0,15€ per successful transaction


Service Includes:

- Merchant Panel; a clear and simple system for tracking payments and settlements  

Payment methods:

Danske Bank
POP Paikallisosuuspankki
Oma Säästöpankki
Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Eurocard, American Express*
Paypal (supports American Express and Discover credit cards)


*American Express is only available businesses registered in Finland

We’re happy to answer any additional questions you might have about our service or the prices.

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