Online bank refunds

A refund of an order paid using your online bank will be handled as follows:

  1. Always contact the online store where you made the purchase for instructions on canceling your order. 
  2. Return the item according to the merchant's instructions.
  3. When the merchant receives the item, they initiate a refund for your payment.
  4. It usually takes a few business days to process the refund due to the money being transferred between banks.
  5. The refund is made to the account where you originally made the payment from. Please note that the refund may also appear in your online bank on the original payment date.

If you have made a payment through S-Bank or √Ölandsbanken, you will receive an email from Paytrail that will ask you to provide your account number for the refund. Make sure to enter your account number in the official IBAN format. The IBAN has a total of 18 characters and begins with the letters FI. After you have provided your account number, you will need to verify your identity and then the refund will be processed. 

Paytrail will also ask for your account number via email, if the bank's time frame for direct refunds has expired or if there has been multiple refunds on the same order.

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