Card refunds (debit/credit cards and MobilePay)

A refund for an order paid by card will be handled as follows:

  1. Always contact the online store where you made the purchase for instructions on canceling your order. 
  2. Return the item according to the merchant's instructions.
  3. When the merchant receives the item, they will credit the payment to your card. The credit to your card can appear in different ways:
    • As a credit in card transactions (Note! So not in account transactions, but specifically in card transactions). The credit can appear either 1-15 banking days after the refund is initiated, or on the original payment date.
    • As a credit on your credit card statement. In this case, the credit will not necessarily appear on the card transactions, but the credit has been taken into account and can be seen on the next billing cycle.
    • If needed, you can contact your card issuer if you are not sure how the refund will be handled.
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