Presentation of payment methods at checkout

We have compiled some tried-and-true considerations about how payment methods should be presented at the checkout of an online store.

1. Be descriptive about the payment methods

When the consumer goes to the checkout to choose a payment method, you should prefer descriptions such as:

  • Online payment / Pay online
  • Online banks / Mobile / Cards / Buy now, Pay later
  • The most common online payment methods

2. Add the payment method logos to the checkout

Showing the logos of the payment methods (online banks, cards, mobile, etc.) at the checkout help the consumer quickly find the payment method they prefers.

3. Label the buttons in the checkout process appropriately

Many online stores use slightly misleading terms or texts on the buttons at the checkout. The buttons should be labeled named to truly reflect the progress of the checkout.

For example, you should replace "Send order" with "Pay" when the consumer is being directed to select the payment method and make payment.

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