New Paytrail: Setting up Paytrail in the Shopify platform

These instructions apply to the new Paytrail (formerly Checkout).

NOTE! Setup requires Owner-level permissions in Shopify.

  1. Log in to your Shopify store
    • Note! If you want to use the bypass payment method page in your online store, use these instructions.
  2. Follow this link to start the installation and select “Connect”

  3. Next select “Install app”

  4. If you just want to test the integration, you can leave the Production Merchant ID and Key fields blank and enter the test IDs for the payment service:

    Test Merchant Id: 375917

    Test Merchant Key: SAIPPUAKAUPPIAS 

    In this case, the payment method only works in "Test mode" (see next section).

  5. Activate the test mode and finally activate the payment method by selecting “Activate Paytrail” at the bottom of the page.

    The payment method choices shown on this settings page do not affect the actual payment methods available. It will only affect the logos of payment methods that appear on the checkout page. If you want to change the available payment methods, you must select them via the Merchant panel. Instructions can be found in our Help Center
    When “Test mode” is selected, the integration uses Test Merchant credentials and Shopify clearly records payments as test payments.

  6. Once the integration has been tested and the online store is ready for publication, follow the instructions below to return to the payment method settings:

  7. Enter your Merchant ID in the “Production Merchant Id” field and your Secret key in the “Production Merchant Key” field:
    If needed, you can find the Merchant ID and Secret key in Paytrail's new Merchant panel under Merchant account. If you do not have an account for the new Merchant panel, contact customer service. 

  8. Finally, turn off test mode.

  9. On the Payments tab, under Payment Capture, verify that Automatic is selected in the settings.

Disabling the old integration

If you have previously used Paytrail's or Checkout Finland's payment service, the old integration must be disabled when the new integration is implemented.

  • Go back to the "Alternative payment methods" section of the store settings
  • Under "Manage", select the payment method you want to disable (the payment method you want to disable is called either “Paytrail Payment Service” or “Paytrail Payment Methods”. In Finnish “Paytrail-maksupalvelu” tai “Paytrail maksutavat”
  • Select “Deactivate <payment service name>"
  • The “Paytrail” payment method should be left active.
  • NOTE! If you have had a payment page bypass, each payment method must be disabled separately.
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