Settlement report sample

You can find the latest settlement reports on the Front page of the Merchant panel. You can also switch to settlement reports by selecting Settlement reports from the side menu. You can find more detailed instructions on requesting a batch settlement report in our Help Center.

In the Settlement settings in the Merchant panel, you can add a transaction specific details to your settlement report by toggling the transaction specific details on. A transaction specific list appears for those settlement reports that are generated after the setting is turned on.

Below is an sample of a settlement report where the transaction-specific breakdown option is in use. Please note that the customer and product information and tax rates shown on the report come from your e-commerce platform. The VAT value of the refund is not shown on the report, because in Paytrail's system product lines are not refunded, but the amount to be refunded reported separately, and no VAT value is then defined for it. The PDF format is only in Finnish at this time. 


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