How can I cancel a purchase/order I paid via Paytrail?

If you want to cancel your order, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Always contact the online store where you made the purchase for instructions on canceling your order. 
  2. Return the item according to the merchant's instructions.
  3. When the merchant has received the item, you will receive a refund of the payment to the same payment method you originally used:
    1. Orders paid using your online bank are returned to the account from which you originally made the payment.
    2. Orders paid by card (debit/credit card and MobilePay) will be returned to the payment card you used.
    3. For orders paid using a Buy now, Pay later service, the payment will be credited to your invoice. If you have already paid the invoice, please check with the Buy now, Pay later service how the payment will be returned.
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