Two-step authentication login

The user can optionally enable two-step authentication for logging in to the Merchant panel. Two-step authentication is a secure way to ensure that the right users can access the service. When two-step authentication is enabled, the user must confirm his identity using two authentication methods when logging in. 

How to enable two-factor authentication:

  1. Log in to the Merchant panel and from upper right corner select your profile and then My information
  2. Next, under Two-step authentication, click Enable. Screenshot_2022-09-30_at_17.37.36.png

  3. You can then activate two-step authentication by scanning the QR code that opens in your authentication application*. If you don't have an authentication application, you can choose the third-party application you want to use, e.g. Microsoft Authenticator.
  4. Next, enter the code in the requested field to confirm the activation of two-step authentication and click the Confirm button.
    If scanning the QR code is not successful, the activation can be done manually. In this case, enter the code shown in red font below the QR code into the authentication application.
  5. Two-step authentication is now available to you the next time you log in to the Merchant panel


*A third-party authentication application, such as Microsoft Authenticator, can be used to generate login codes that help confirm that it is you when you log into the Merchant Panel.

Reset MFA

If necessary, a user with the Admin role can reset another user's MFA:

  • Select Users > Choose the user that needs to have the reset > Click "Reset MFA"Screenshot_2023-02-22_at_16.02.54.png


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