Questions about invoicing

What invoicing methods are possible for Paytrail invoices?

It is possible to have invoices sent via email or e-invoice. By default invoices are sent by email. For e-invoices, the address must be for the company we have a contractual agreement with.

Where can I get a copy of an invoice?

You can request of a copy of an invoice by sending an email to

How can I update my invoicing information?

You can update your invoicing information in the Merchant panel under Merchant account » Invoicing. If you want to update the e-invoicing information, contact our invoicing partner Lowell Oy by phone (02) 2700 390 (Mon.-Fri. 8-20, Sat. 10-15) or by email at

Is it possible to change the billing interval of Paytrail's monthly fee invoices?

Yes, it is possible to change the invoicing interval of the monthly fee invoice to 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Please note that the invoicing will be done in advance. You can request the change by sending an email to

Where can I get a more detailed list of the fees on the invoice?

It is possible to download the a detailed list of an invoice from the Merchant panel under Merchant account >  Invoices > Open breakdown.

Why does the invoice for refunds have VAT 0%?

Paytrail acts as a payment intermediary between the merchant and the consumer. Payment brokerage is a financial service according to Section 42 of the Value Added Tax Act, for which no VAT is paid according to Section 41. If the customer cancels their purchase and you make a refund for the customer's payment; Paytrail returns the payment to the customer to the payment method they used. We then collect the amount back via invoice if you have refunds set to invoiced. It is therefore a case of recovering an already paid out payment. We cannot add VAT to this invoice, because it would then be registered in our sales and increase the final amount of the invoice. Even the original payment paid out to you did not include VAT between you and Paytrail. The amount of the invoice, on the other hand, includes the VAT of your sold product, and you should correct it in your accounting to exclude the sales VAT.

What is the VAT on Paytrail's transaction fees?

Paytrail's transaction fees and commissions are considered financial services in accordance with Section 42 of the Value Added Tax Act, for which no VAT is paid in accordance with Section 41. VAT is therefore 0%.


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