Embedding the Paytrail payment service sign up form

We recommend that you sign up your customers for Paytrail's payment service order via the Partner Portal or by embedding the sign up form in your own system or website. This will ensure that the customer will definitely be marked as your customer, and the payment service sign up order form will not need to be filled out separately.

When ordering through the interface, the partner receives the customer's API IDs directly when signing up.

Using the interface requires activation from Paytrail, as well as an API password (API Key). The API password will be sent to your email. See technical description of merchant creation through the interface.

Please note that the request must contain at least the following fields:

    • companyName
    • marketingName
    • packageId
    • vatId
    • email
    • phoneNumber
    • url
    • description

After a successful request, we will return the created Merchant ID and Merchant secret. A message is automatically sent to the merchant's email address in the request, instructing them to log in to the Merchant panel to complete their information and sign the agreement.

After sending the information, the customer will receive instructions on what they need to fill out by email.

Implementation of the interface:

    1. Request the API interface activation to the partner team: kumppanit@paytrail.com
    2. You will receive the API interface password by email so you can enable the interface.
    3. See the API description.
    4. You can request the necessary pricing package IDs from the partner team or get them from the interface using GET /packages.
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