Signing up and implementing the payment service for a new customer

Here's instructions on how you can help your customer get started with the implementation of Paytrail's payment service.

1. Signing up for the service

  1. You can sign up your customer via the Partner Portal. Note! This is the recommended method, as you will receive the credentials needed to activate the payment service (Merchant ID and secret) directly after the sign up.
  2. Your customer can sign up for the payment service via the partner-specific link.*
  3. Your customer can sign up for the payment service on the Paytrail's website via the sign up form. **

* You can format your own information in the "Technical partner" field in the link, iso that the customer will be placed under your company's reseller ID. The link to the sign up form has the Technical partner field where you should put your business name/reseller ID.

** It is a good idea to instruct the customer to provide reseller information so that the customer is assigned to your dealer ID and you receive the reward for it in accordance with your partner agreement.

2. After sign up

Your customer will receive an email with login instructions and a temporary password for Paytrail's Merchant panel, which merchants can use to check payments. Please remind your customer that activating the payment service requires providing additional information and signing the agreement electronically in the Merchant panel. Please ask the customer to pay special attention to carefully filling in the owner and beneficiary information.

3. Information to be added to the website

  1. Online store's contact information and terms.
  2. Paytrail's terms as found in our Help Center.
  3. If necessary, you can find the special conditions related to Buy now, Pay later payment methods in our Help Center: Walley, OP Lasku (Invoice) and Jousto.

You can download logos and banners from our website.

4. Service activation

  1. It is possible to test the payment service in a production environment with test credentials found in our documentation. Payments made with test IDs will not be forwarded.
  2. Activating the payment service requires that the online store's terms are in place and that the agreement and required information has been provided in the Merchant panel.
  3. Paytrail's customer service will contact your customer regarding the activation of the service.
  4. If the merchant wasn't signed up via the Partner Portal, they can get the Merchant ID and Merchant secret from the Merchant panel
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