Sign up the customer for the payment service via the Partner portal

Through the Partner Portal, you can conveniently sign your customer up for the Paytrail payment service. Simultaneously, the customer will automatically allocated under your company's reseller code, and you will receive your reward in accordance with your partner agreement. The Partner Portal is in Finnish but some translations are listed below which will assist you with adding the customer.

After you have added the customer to the Partner Portal, our normal onboarding process applies. Please remind your customer that activating the payment service requires providing additional information and signing the agreement electronically in the Merchant panel. Please ask the customer to pay special attention to carefully filling in the owner and beneficiary information.

Here's how to sign up your customer: 

Log in to the Partner Portal:

Step 1: Log in to the Partner Portal with your partner credentials and click the "Lisää uusi kauppias" (Add new Merchant) button on the front page

Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 11.49.00.png

Step 2: Enter the merchant's information and choose the right service package:

If merchant's business is registered outside of Finland, check the box after "Ulkomaalainen kauppias" (Foreign merchant)

Yrityksen nimi = Business name

Y-tunnus = Business ID/registration number

Sivuston URL = Website's URL

Yhteyshenkilön email = Contact person's email

Palvelupaketti = Service package

Tyyppi = Type Select "Normaali" = Normal

Peru = Cancel

Luo kauppias = Create merchant

Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 11.50.04.png

Step 3: Paytrail's customer service receives the information and processes it according to the normal onboarding process. The merchant will be able to use the service within a few business days.

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