OP Overdraft Facility

OP Overdraft Facility is a flexible and safe payment method for larger everyday purchases with  financing up to 7,500 euros. It's easy to apply for credit at the time of purchase as part of the payment process. OP Overdraft Facility's credit decisions are based on an overall assessment of solvency. The monthly credit installment includes an invoicing fee of 5,00 euros and the nominal interest rate for payments in instalments is OP-prime + 9.50%. You can find more information about the payment method on OP's website, and consumers are also supported by OP's online financing service.

OP Overdraft Facility benefits for the consumer

  • An easy to use payment method supported by OP's domestic customer service
  • All purchases made during the month are invoiced in the same invoice
  • 30 days interest-free payment period for purchases
  • The loan can be shortened in a suitable way: in installments or in full

Activating OP Overdraft Facility

OP Overdraft Facility can be activated in the Merchant Panel. See instructions for activating payment methods
Please also remember to familiarize yourself with the payment method-specific conditions (in Finnish) before implementing the payment method. Also here's a description of the payment method for consumers. 

Cost of the payment method



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