Activating payment methods

As a Paytrail customer, you can review your active payment methods and edit your selection of payment methods in the Merchant panel. In this article, you'll find instructions for activating different methods, as well as more information about the special terms for different payment methods.


Here's how to find the payment methods in the Merchant panel:

  1. From the menu on the left side of the front page, click Payment methods.
  2. Scroll down to the payment method you want. You can find activation instructions by payment method below.

Online banks

Activate bank payments by clicking Activate.

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Credit cards

To activate credit cards, you will need to submit an application by clicking Send application. Our customer service will process the application within 2-3 business days. In order for an application to be approved, the necessary legal information must be in your online store, such as terms and conditions and your company information. What exact information should be in your online store?

Please note that the activation of the American Express is available to merchants with businesses registered in Finland. It also requires the addition of the actual beneficiary information and the information of at least one person with signature rights to the Merchant panel.

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To activate mobile payments, you must also have credit cards activated, which requires an application. Once you have credit card payments, you can activate mobile payment methods by clicking Activate.

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Note: To activate Apple Pay, check instructions found here

Buy now, Pay later services (BNPL) and their special terms

There are special payment-specific terms associated with BNPL payment methods, read them carefully before activating the payment method. You'll find a link to the payment method's specific terms next to the payment method. You can activate the payment methods by clicking Activate. Learn more about BNPL payment methods.

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Click the link for instructions on implementing the PayPal payment method.

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