Creating a payment link

In Paytrail, it is possible to create a payment link for a customer via the Merchant panel. In this article you will find instructions for creating a payment link.

Select Payments > Create a new payment from the menu on the front page of the Merchant panel.

In the Create new payment view, enter the order information.


After entering the order information, click Save. The system then creates a payment link. After saving, a view opens where you can directly send payment instructions and a link to the payment to the customer by clicking Send. The message is sent in the language of your choice. If you notice errors in the payment information, you must create a new payment. The payment information can no longer be edited at this stage.

If you want to edit the message, copy the payment information from the Merchant panel or send the payment instructions to your own email. Make any needed changes and send the message to your customer yourself.

The customer can access Paytrail's payment page from the link, where he can pay for the order with the payment method of his choice.

Please note that the created payment link is valid for two weeks. If the customer clicks on the payment link and selects a payment method, doesn't complete the payment, but instead cancels the payment the payment link will no longer work. In this case, a new payment link must be created for the customer.

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