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What is Walley?

With Walley invoice, you get interest-free payment time for your purchases. To utilize this payment time, you need a positive credit decision, which is easily obtained during the purchase process. You can apply if you are at least 18 years old and have a Finnish personal identification number and a permanent, official home address in Finland.

Read the detailed service description (in Finnish).

Interest-free payment time with invoice - safe and easy 

With an invoice, you always get 30 days of interest-free payment time for your online purchases. The extended payment time allows you to check your purchase and return it if necessary before the invoice due date.

Walley can be used for purchases of up to 5,000€.

Once you have received a positive credit decision and confirmed the purchase, you will receive an invoice for your purchase via email. If you want to pay the invoice in smaller installments and over an extended time frame, you need to make a revolving credit agreement after receiving the first invoice by logging into either the Walley app or the website my.walley.fi. Walley performs a credit check before concluding the credit agreement with you. Your credit information is checked from Bisnode Finland Oy's register.

You only need to pay the amount mentioned on the invoice by the due date, but you can also pay a larger amount if desired. After that, you will receive a monthly account statement by email until the credit is fully paid. You can always repay more than the minimum amount mentioned on the account statement.

Credit costs and examples can be found in Walley's terms and conditions under section 6.2.

Customer Service for payment questions

Walley offers users an app to keep track of upcoming payments and view already paid invoices. By allowing notifications in the app, you get a reminder when it's time to pay. In the app, you can:

  • See all your invoices and check their status
  • Postpone the due date of an invoice
  • Pause invoicing while a return is being processed
  • Provide an account number for a refund
  • Read frequently asked questions

Processing returns and cancellations

When you return/cancel your purchase within the return/cancellation period offered by the online business, the information about your return is automatically transmitted to Norion Bank. If you have agreed with the online business on returning only a part of your purchase, you can deduct the amount of the return from the total amount of the invoice you have already received. When making partial payments, the amount of your refund is automatically deducted from the total amount of the credit, which will appears on the next invoice you receive.

Credit decision

Using the payment method requires a credit decision, and for this you will be asked for your personal information. Data is transmitted via a secure SLL/TLS protected connection. Credit provider Norion Bank verifies your personal and address information from the population information system and checks your credit information from Bisnode Finland Oy's credit information register. The credit decision you receive is influenced, among other things, by your possible history as a customer of Norion Bank. If you receive a negative credit decision, contact Walley's customer service for additional information. Please note that a voluntary credit ban or encrypted address information can lead to a negative credit decision. The personal identification number or credit decision information you provide will not be stored in the merchant's customer data register.

Credit terms

The issuer of the invoice and credit is Norion Bank AB, Lilla Bommens Torg 11, Box 11914, SE-404 39 

General payment terms
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