OP Lasku (invoice)

What is OP Lasku (invoice)?

OP Lasku (invoice) is a flexible, reliable and secure payment method. OP Lasku (invoice) is suitable for customers of all banks and enables payment by invoice or in installments. OP Lasku (invoice) is available for merchants registered in Finland.

OP Lasku (invoice) in a nutshell

  • Suitable for financing online purchases up to 5000€.
  • OP Lasku (invoice) is intended for customers of all Finnish banks, so you can use OP Lasku (invoice) even if you are not an OP customer.
  • Offers 45 days interest-free payment period and the option of installment payment.
  • The service is secure and reasonable: there are no hidden costs.

OP Lasku (invoice) costs

  • An account management fee of 2,95€ will be charged for the use of invoice, which also applies to invoices for installment payments. If you receive multiple invoices in the same month, you will only pay one account management fee.
  • When paid in installments, the annual interest rate is 19,50% *
    * OP Lasku (invoice) is a continuous line of credit , for a 1,000€ credit with an effective annual interest rate of 25.82%, when the loan interest is the reference interest rate according to 12§ of the interest act + 15.00% (19.50% 9/23) and the account management fee is 2,95€ per month. The estimated total cost of the credit is 1,382.87€. The calculation is based on the assumption that the full amount of the credit has been used, the credit interest rate and fees and commissions remain the same throughout the credit period and the credit will be repaid in minimum installments of 27,78€ per month, with a credit period of 36 months. The credit is granted by OP Corporate Bank Plc, Gebhardinaukio 1, 00510 Helsinki.

How do I use OP Lasku (invoice)?

When you want to pay with OP Lasku (invoice), you can choose it as the payment method at the online store checkout. The credit decision will come immediately, and you can decide later whether to pay the amount in full or in installments.

Good to know about OP Lasku (invoice)

  • To use the payment method you must be 20 years old or older, be solvent and have online credentials to a Finnish bank.
  • The credit decision is based on an overall assessment of solvency. For this reason when applying for the credit, income and debt expenses are requested and credit information is checked.
  • OP Lasku (invoice) offers a 45 day interest free payment period and the option to pay in installments. An account management fee of 2,95€ is added to the invoice. When paying in installments, the annual interest rate is 19,50%. If you pay the minimum installment for an invoice, it will automatically switch to installment payments.
  • OP Lasku (invoice) helps you stay on top of your situation: invoices are sent by email, reminders by text message. An online service is also available (in Finnish).
  • Frequently asked questions about OP Lasku (invoice) can be found via this link (in Finnish).

Handling refunds

When you return your purchase according to the instructions provided by the merchant, the refund made by the merchant will automatically be credited to your purchase. If you return only some of the order, you can deduct the euro amount of the return from the total amount of the invoice you have already received. For the installment payment, the amount of your refund will be deducted from your total credit and you will be notified of the refund on the next invoice.
If you have already paid the invoice before making your return, please contact OP Laksu (invoice) customer service by email: oplasku@op.fi

OP Lasku (invoice) customer service

You can get help from OP Lasku (invoice) customer service in matters related to the invoice and payment for the purchase:

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