What do the payment statuses mean?

When the customer is redirected from your website to Paytrail's payment page (or the payment method provider's when bypassing the payment page), the payment is logged in the Merchant panel. You can view all of the payments made or attempted by your customers in the Merchant panel. Below is a list of the different modes where the payment can be displayed in the Merchant panel and an explanation of what it is. state means.


  • A payment has been created in the system, but it has not been paid. Transactions with the "new" status occur when a customer goes to the checkout in your online store and is shown the payment methods, but has not proceeded from there.
  • It is common for transactions in "New" status to occur and never be paid. This is normal customer behavior, where the customer changes their mind and does not complete the purchase.
  • Payment in "New" status will automatically move to "Cancelled" status within approximately two weeks if they are not paid.


  • The customer has successfully made the payment and it is settled normally according to the selected settlement cycle.

Authorization hold

  • A hold has been made on the customer's card, but not paid. Only applies to tokenized payments.

Payments waiting for approval

  • The payment has been sent to the invoicing partner and is waiting to be processed. After being processed by the invoicing partner, the status of the payment will change to either "Paid" or "Cancelled".

Refunds waiting for approval

  • Refunds that still need to be approved by a user with the "Refund approval" role before it is paid to the end customer.


  • The payment was interrupted. Possible reasons are:
    • The payment has not been paid within two weeks
    • The customer canceled the payment during the payment process
    • The payment method partner did not accept the payment, for example the credit card did not have sufficient funds to complete the payment

Paid and settled

  • The customer has successfully made the payment and it has been settled.

Paid and processed (own contract)  

  • The customer has successfully made the payment and it has been processed. 
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