Setting up Paytrail in the Shopify platform

Please follow the instructions below to enable Paytrail in your Shopify online store:

NOTE! If you want to bypass the payment method selection page in your online store, check the implementation instructions.

  1. Log in to your Shopify store with the owner's credentials. Implementation requires Owner-level permissions in Shopify.
  2. Start the installation by clicking Payments from the left side menu of the shop's front page and then under Supported payment methods click Add payment methods.Screenshot_2022-08-30_at_12.44.33.png
  3. After that, select Search by provider. Wait for the list of service providers to load and then enter Paytrail in the search field.

    • Note! If the payment methods show in the Shopify settings, you can also install them by following this link.


  4. Select Paytrail from the list (see image below).


  5. Next, click Activate.


  6. Next, click Manage.


  7. Enter your Merchant ID in the “Production Merchant Id” field and your Secret key in the “Production Merchant Key” field. If needed, you can find the Merchant ID and Secret key in Paytrail's Merchant panel under Merchant account. If you do not have an account for the Merchant panel, contact customer service. 

    Here you can also select the VAT rate to be imported into Paytrail's Settlement reports (you can only select one VAT rate). Finally, select Save in the lower right corner. Screenshot_2022-08-30_at_12.58.50.png

  8. Next, click Activate Paytrail.


  9. Make sure that under Supported payment methods, Paytrail's status is Active.Screenshot_2022-08-30_at_13.06.11.png

  10. Under Payments, check that in the Payment capture box it shows Automatic. Screenshot_2022-08-30_at_13.09.41.png
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