I can't find a refund even though I should have already received it, what advice can you offer?

Refunds should be made to the same payment method that you originally used to pay for the purchase. If it's been agreed with the merchant that a refund will be made to you and the merchant has already said that they have refunded the payment, but you cannot find the refund, please see the instructions below:

Online bank refunds:

  • It usually takes a few business days to process the refund due to the money being transferred between banks.

  • The refund is made to the account where you originally made the payment from. Please note that the refund may also appear in your online bank on the original payment date.

Card refunds (debit/credit cards):

  • The credit to your card can appear in different ways: 

    • As a credit in card transactions (Note! So not in account transactions, but specifically in card transactions). The credit can appear either 1-15 banking days after the refund is initiated, or on the original payment date.
    • As a credit on your credit card statement. In this case, the credit will not necessarily appear on the card transactions, but the credit has been taken into account and can be seen on the next billing cycle.
    • If needed, you can contact your card issuer if you are not sure how the refund will be handled.

MobilePay refunds: 

  • Refunds do not show in the transaction of the MobilePay app.
  • The refund can appear in MobilePay in different ways, depending on whether a credit or debit card is connected to MobilePay.
  • See card refunds description.
  • If the refund is made on the same day as the original charge, the refund may change the amount of the charge to 0€ or the original charge may be removed from the transactions completely.

Invoice refunds (Walley, Jousto, OP Lasku or Alisa Yrityslasku):

  • Information about the refund is automatically forwarded to the Buy now, Pay later service. Most Buy now, Pay later services have their own portal where you can check the status of the refund.
  • If you return part of your order, you can deduct that amount from the total amount of the invoice you have already received. In the case you are paying in installments, the amount of your refund is automatically deducted from the total amount of the loan.
  • If you have already paid the invoice and you are entitled to a refund, please contact the Buy now, Pay later service regarding the refund of the overpayment.
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