Adding a new sub-merchant

The Admin can create sub-merchants in Paytrail's system from the Partner portal or through the interface.

Creating a sub-merchant from the Partner portal:

  1. Log in to the Paytrail Partner portal 
  2. Kumppaniportaalin Kauppiaat-kohdasta valitse . In the Kauppiaat (Merchants) section of the Partner portal, click "Lisää uusi kauppias" (Add new merchant). Näyttökuva
  3. Enter the requested information about the sub-merchant:
    • Sivuston URL (website URL): marketplace www-address
      • If the marketplace is an app, you can put the Admin's or sub-merchant's website as the address.
    • Yhteyshenkilön email (Contact person's email): a message will be sent to this email after the sub-merchant ID has been created.
    • Paketti (package): defines the pricing for the sub-merchant.
    • Tyyppi (type): select Shop-in-Shop sub-merchant
  4. Finally, click "Luo Kauppias" (Create merchant).
  5. The new sub-merchant receives a request by email to finalize the payment service sign up.
  6. Please remind the new sub-merchant that activating the payment service requires that they log in to the Merchant panel to provide additional information and electronically sign the agreement.

Creating a sub-merchant through the interface

Requires activation from Paytrail and an API password (API Key). The API password will be sent to your email. Check our technical description for creating a sub-merchant.

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