Settlements and reports

Settlements for Shop-in-Shop sub-merchants are calculated according to the settlement cycle. Typically, the settlement cycle is weekly, where the settlements are calculated once a week, always on Mondays. The payment speed is usually two days, i.e. the settlement is paid two days after the settlement is created. The settlement calculated on Monday is paid out on Wednesday. In this case, the settlement includes the previous week's sales.

Sub-merchant report

  • The settlement report is generated automatically once a settlement has been calculated. You can have settlement reports automatically sent to your email. To set this up, go to the Merchant panel > Settings and add the email addresses desired as well as select the file format (PDF, CSV, XLSX) of the report.
  • The sub-merchant can find all settlement reports in the Merchant panel under Settlement reports
    • Report file formats possible are PDF, CSV, and XLSX.
  • See our Settlement reports article for more info.

Admin report

  • Settlement reports are not created for the Admin ID, because the aggregate ID is never receives settlements.
  • The Admin can see all transactions from their aggregate ID.
    • Transactions can be downloaded as CSV, XLSX and PDF file formats.

Settlement information via the interface:

  • The aggregate can also retrieve settlement information via the interface:
    • The sub-merchant account IDs can be retrieved with using the GET call
    • After this, the settlement data of the sub-merchant can be retrieved using the settlement ID
    • It is also possible to request payments from a desired time interval
    • In the request, specify the 'submerchant', i.e. submerchant ID, whose reports you want to search for.
    • The sub-merchant's reference (items -> reference) is a good way to separate the transactions from the commission. The name of the payer is also not shown for the commission. The sub-merchant can see the charged commission from the transaction breakdown. The summary includes sales after commission.
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