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Congratulations, you have made a good choice with Paytrail's Shop-in-Shop! When you have concluded an agreement with Paytrail for the Shop-in-Shop service, proceed as follows:

  • As a Shop-in-Shop Admin you will receive an email with credentials and log in instructions to Paytrail's Partner portal. The portal is only in Finnish. 
  • Log in to the Partner portal and create a merchant account for your marketplace in Paytrail's payment service by clicking "Lisää uusi kauppias" (Add new merchant). Select "Shop-in-shop Pääkauppias" (Shop-in-shop Admin) as the "tyypi" (type).
    • See detailed instructions for creating IDs
    • If you take a commission from the transaction, a separate merchant account needs to be created via the Partner portal. When you create this account, select "Shop-in-shop alakauppias" (Shop-in-Shop sub-merchant) as the "tyypi" (type).
  • After adding the merchant accounts, you will receive an email request to log in to the Merchant panel, where you can fill in information related to the account and electronically sign the payment service agreement.
    • Detailed instructions on the required information needed in the Merchant panel can be found in this article
    • Please note that the information must be completed and payment service agreements must be signed for all merchant accounts.
  • Our customer service will notify you when the payment service has been activated and ready to use.

Should you have questions or need help, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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