Settlement reports

To find settlement reports in the Merchant panel, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Merchant panel. The username for the Merchant panel was created when the service was activated for you.
  • You can find the latest settlement reports on the front page. You can also access settlement reports from the side menu by selecting Setlement reports.

From the Settlement reports, you'll see a list of your settlement reports. The system tables the date, settlement report number, and amount in the reports. You can download a settlement report in PDF format by clicking on the settlement report number. The PDF format is only in Finnish at this time. 

From the side menu > Settings, you can add a transaction specific details to your settlement report by toggling the transaction specific details on. A transaction specific list appears for those settlement reports that are generated after the setting is turned on.


For more detailed payment data included in your settlement, click the Open breakdown link. In the Payments view that opens, you can get the payments included in the settlement as a CSV file by clicking Download CSV and then click Save events-YYYYMMDD-XXX.csv for the file to download.

Settlement reports via email

The settlement report is generated automatically once a settlement has been calculated. You can have settlement reports automatically sent to your email. To set this up, go to the Merchant panel > Settings and add the email addresses desired as well as select the file format (PDF, CSV, XLSX) of the report.

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Interim settlement reports

You can retrieve settlement reports for a desired time period as follows.

  1. From the front page select Settlement reports.
  2. In the Settlement reports view, you can specify the time period to retrieve settlement reports.
  3. Then click Search settlements and click Export .
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    Next, choose the format of the report (XLSX, CSV or PDF). If you want the report as a PDF, click the Create PDF button. You can also choose if you would like to have transaction specific listings.
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  4. In the report, each settlement is detailed with payments, fees and VAT details, if the VAT information is imported from the online store into Paytrail's systems. More information can be available if the Settlement report transaction details is active (description above).

Retrieving a monthly report

To download a report of monthly payments (maximum of 3 months), follow these steps:

  • In the Merchant panel, click Payments.
  • Enter the desired time interval in the Date fields.
  • Click Show more to see all search criteria.
  • If you'd like information about the charges accrued for your report, enter "Transaktiomaksut ja provisiot" (in EN: transaction fees and commissions) in the Description field.*
  • Click Search payments.
  • The events found with this criteria will display and you can download the data as a CSV file by clicking Download CSV and then then click Save events-YYYYMMDD-XXX.csv for the file to down.

* Or you can search for the settled amounts by adding text "Tilisiirto kauppiaan tilille” (in EN: bank transfer to merchant account) in the Description field. 

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